The only things you need to defeat a giant Humongous Gigantic Indestructible Monster

The only things you need to defeat a giant Humongous Gigantic Indestructible Monster

  • A small but cool looking pistol
  • A fog machine
  • 1 man or woman
  • And a really cool theme song



A house without a roof

A computer without a keyboard

Cereal with no milk

Nachos without cheese

A DVD player without a screen

A painting without paint

A sewing machine without thread

A tree without wood

A raincoat made of paper

Thunderclouds in 90-degree weather

Tape that doesn’t stick

A rain hat with an open top

An umbrella without webbing between the wires

Cold without snow

Trains with square wheels

An airplane without wings

A cold fire

A pencil without lead or an eraser

A video game that does everything for you

A movie that freezes every ten seconds

An app for telling how old you are

A case that doesn’t have a movie inside

A teacher who sits around and does nothing all class long

A play with one person in it

A trashcan without a bottom

A car without wheels

Poems without words


A mute dog

A sled that doesn’t slide

A lock that doesn’t lock

A wet towel

Earth without life

If You Are A Robber Don’t…

If you are a robber, don’t

Use a manpowered scooter as a getaway vehicle

Call the bank and ask when was the last time they were robbed

Ask your parents if it’s okay if you rob the bank today or if you should wait until tomorrow

Steal counterfeit money

Steal one sided money

Steal a one dollar because you liked the mustache on it

Leave a billing address

Forget the money while you rush out of the bank

Leave a tip for the policemen

Leave a phone number for the policemen to call if they have any questions as to why you robbed the bank

Say “Hi I’m _________ and I’m gonna rob you now”

Get caught