Told by a Writer.

A man with a duck on his head walks into a bar

Bartender- Sir, you have an animal attached to you

Duck- I know it’s been stuck to me for weeks!


The same joke told at a writing workshop. 


A boisterous young man dressed in a tuxedo and a tie with a white and yellow duck on his head walks into a sleazy, dimly lit bar. He walks up to the well-dressed bartender with a thin mustache and a certain squint in his eyes that implied a dark secret.

Bartender- “You may want to improve your choice of head ware sir…”He said in a low growling tone.

Man- “…”

Bartender- “Do you notice anything funny about your attire…”

Man- “…”

Bartender- “Are you even listening…” He said, a hint of frustration in his voice.

Duck- “Yes… I’ve been listening the whole time… This thing has been suck to my foot for quite some time and the doctor said that he can’t help my condition…”

Bartender- Faints

Man- Has an expression of puzzlement on his face.

Man- “I didn’t know my ventriloquism was that good” He said as he removed the puppet from his head.


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