On multiple dimentions

There have been a lot of theories on parallel universes going around lately mainly to to the fact that scientists say they may have found one. So I figured I may as well participate in the speculation.

Theory one:

You and your shadow are the same being accept in parallel universes. In your shadow’s universe, they may have a reflection everywhere they go and may look like a shadow, or we may look like shadows to them because there is a barrier keeping us from merging together into one being which may or may not result in increased thinking capacity, higher intellect, or even superhuman abilities. You and your shadow are exactly the same person, so you think and act exactly alike no matter what. If you and your shadow somehow made different decisions in the exact same situation, then you would be split apart forever and you would have no shadow because the timeline of that universe would have diverged from your own. Or, you and your shadow may merge together due to the “wall” between you being ripped open by the fact that you made different decisions.

Theory two:

The shadows are our guardians sent by God to keep us from harm. Although this is highly unlikely because God only works in the light and not in darkness it may hold true that our shadows save us in near death situations.

Theory three:

Our shadows could be aliens trapped in a parallel universe following us day to day to study us and keep track of our well being. These beings were so advanced that they figured out how to create multiple dimensions but were trapped inside of their own invention.

Theory four:

This is all a simulation and we are really in Assassin’s Creed or The Matrix.


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