Cool & Not so cool Injuries

Cool injuries &… not so cool injuries

Not Cool: I slipped on ice and broke my tailbone

Cool: My nose broke off from frostbite while climbing Mt. Everest

Not Cool: I ran into a ladder and it fell on me

Cool: I went to the bottom of the ocean and a shark bit off my leg

Not Cool: My hand will be numb for a month from writing a 50,000-word essay the night before it was due

Cool: I jumped out of a five-story building saving a child

Not Cool: I fell off of a step stool

Cool: I did a triple backflip on a trampoline and broke my neck

Not Cool: My dog pulled me into a tree

Cool: I went sailing out of a white water raft & hit a rock

Not cool: I fell off my bike

Cool: I broke my thumbs playing video games for two days strait

Not Cool: I broke my brain because my math teacher assigned us the whole textbook to read and do all of the problems… in one night



A house without a roof

A computer without a keyboard

Cereal with no milk

Nachos without cheese

A DVD player without a screen

A painting without paint

A sewing machine without thread

A tree without wood

A raincoat made of paper

Thunderclouds in 90-degree weather

Tape that doesn’t stick

A rain hat with an open top

An umbrella without webbing between the wires

Cold without snow

Trains with square wheels

An airplane without wings

A cold fire

A pencil without lead or an eraser

A video game that does everything for you

A movie that freezes every ten seconds

An app for telling how old you are

A case that doesn’t have a movie inside

A teacher who sits around and does nothing all class long

A play with one person in it

A trashcan without a bottom

A car without wheels

Poems without words


A mute dog

A sled that doesn’t slide

A lock that doesn’t lock

A wet towel

Earth without life