What I Am Saying Now Is A Lie

What I am saying now is a lie; the world has found giant aliens with more than eighteen mouths mouths and no head on a desolate planet on the other side of the sun. They have mouths instead of hands, and mouths instead of feet and mouths instead of eyes and mouths instead of a mouth. They have rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth and they move as quickly as lightning, they are the perfect predator and their vegetarians.

What I an saying now is a lie, the world has found miniature furry kittens and puppy’s on the other side of the moon, they have huge round eyes and fur everywhere, and they are here to kill us all.

What I am saying now really is a lie,

But how do you know if I am lying about really lying

Or I could have been lying about that

Or I could be lying about lying about lying

There were to many lies in that sentence

Oops, I lied again

Now for a real lie,

Ostriches can’t fly

Sorry, I’m lying again

Ostriches can’t fly, but I didn’t lie like I promised