Cool & Not so cool Injuries

Cool injuries &… not so cool injuries

Not Cool: I slipped on ice and broke my tailbone

Cool: My nose broke off from frostbite while climbing Mt. Everest

Not Cool: I ran into a ladder and it fell on me

Cool: I went to the bottom of the ocean and a shark bit off my leg

Not Cool: My hand will be numb for a month from writing a 50,000-word essay the night before it was due

Cool: I jumped out of a five-story building saving a child

Not Cool: I fell off of a step stool

Cool: I did a triple backflip on a trampoline and broke my neck

Not Cool: My dog pulled me into a tree

Cool: I went sailing out of a white water raft & hit a rock

Not cool: I fell off my bike

Cool: I broke my thumbs playing video games for two days strait

Not Cool: I broke my brain because my math teacher assigned us the whole textbook to read and do all of the problems… in one night


If You Are A Robber Don’t…

If you are a robber, don’t

Use a manpowered scooter as a getaway vehicle

Call the bank and ask when was the last time they were robbed

Ask your parents if it’s okay if you rob the bank today or if you should wait until tomorrow

Steal counterfeit money

Steal one sided money

Steal a one dollar because you liked the mustache on it

Leave a billing address

Forget the money while you rush out of the bank

Leave a tip for the policemen

Leave a phone number for the policemen to call if they have any questions as to why you robbed the bank

Say “Hi I’m _________ and I’m gonna rob you now”

Get caught