The world’s worst scientist

The following experiment was conducted in my science class.

A hot wheels car is rolled down a track using a bundle of washers hanging over the side of the table. The speed is then measured with different amounts of washers attached.

These are the following reasons why I was voted, “The World’s Worst Scientist.”

  1. When tying the washers around the car I tied a bow knot
  2. The bow knot came apart when someone picked it up
  3. We taped the string onto the car but the tape tore and it was blamed on me
  4. I forgot to reset the speedometer when we did a test
  5. I caught the washers before they hit the floor, therefore slowing the speed of the car
  6. I broke the string catching the car one time
  7. I was voted out of the group by someone who wasn’t even IN the group


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Things that only people living in a first world country would say

“Let them eat cake”

“Alright guys the fridge is too full”

“This food was left out in the rain so it’s no good any more”

“There’s not enough water in that swimming pool” (This actually happened)

“This computer is so horrible, it only lasts for 20 hours”

“God doesn’t exist”(This is not true)

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I figure

I figure that unless the situation is life threatening, then there is no need to freak out at all.

I figure that if ebola is going to wipe out the world, then it’s going to and there’s nothing we can do to stop destiny.

I figure that if I tell a joke that I think is funny, but no one laughs because it may or may not be slightly racist or sexist or anti-blonde, then thats on them.

I figure that if it happens it happens, if not then so be it.

I figure that if I go to college I’ll come out smart and ready to have a successful career in something…(Maybe).

I figure that if people find this post slightly offensive then they will probably tell their friends who will find it funny and will follow my blog…(Obscure Logic For The Win)


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