How to tell if you’re obsessed with video games

How to tell if you’re obsessed with video games

1) You wake up in the morning having no idea what you did last night but then you see that your progress in a game has gone up by 50%

2) You have gotten every single achievement in a game

3) You forgot to eat breakfast before work because you were trying to beat a level

4) You’re KD (Kills to deaths) ratio is 100/3

5) You’re first thought about the words “real life” are “Hmm… Never heard of that server, is it any good?”

6) You have discovered every single secret in the game and have every weapon and item

7) You know all of the lore, backstory, and fan-fiction of a game

8) You’re power goes out and the first thing you think is “Did I save my progress?!”

9) You have a computer purely for gaming

10) You know the complete history of the beginnings of video games to the present day but you’re still wondering who that guy on the dollar bill is

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What the teacher expects to be handed in for an essay on Romeo and Juliet.

  • Five pages
  • Excellent points
  • Depth
  • No spelling/grammatical errors
  • MLA format


What I usually hand in

           rom3o @nd jUli3t by Willi@m S#ak3sp3ar3 i$ @ b000k @b0ut tw0 idi0t$ in luv w#0 t00k t#ing$ t0 f@$t @nd di3d h0rribl3 d3@t#s t#r0wing t#3ir f@mili3$ int0 d3pr3$$i0n @nd (#@0$. 

(What letter do all of the symbols look like)

The grade I get

4 mor3 l@ugh$ ch3ck out my y0utb3 ch@nn3l: