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Things weren’t always this way, long ago, before waves even began to touch the very edges of civilization, there was peace. Humanity had reached the highest heights of technology, and were pushing to climb even higher. They had achieved interstellar transportation at the speed of light, could alter the genes of animals to give them specific traits, they could even revive the dead. But even this was not enough to save them from the coming apocalypse. Although scientists predicted it long ago, the oceans were rising, high tide was getting higher and soon there was no low tide, just the ocean rising up as if to greet the toes of cities, and to reclaim what it once ruled.

With all of the great strides in technology, the world was able to hold out for little more than a few days, and soon fell under the waves. However, before the inevitable end of the world, the leaders of the five great nations, China, Russia, Japan, Australia, and Canada, were able to created underwater colonies, this is where primary remainder of the human species lives now. The rest live on floating colonies drifting unpredictably along the new ocean’s currents.

In an effort to preserve the majority of land animals, scientists dropped massive amounts of all types of radioactive substances into the habitats of living creatures, although some species went extinct, this was relatively successful, creating the merpeople and sea cows. However, it also led to the creation of some larger more aggressive entities to haunt the now deeper ocean.

Five cities were originally created one for each nation and the rest of the smaller towns and provinces sprung from them, Aquarios, the capital, harvests most of the food, Oceanis, my home, creates and exports the most machines, Marina is the black market of the new world anything is fair game in Marina. Tsunamae creates clothing, and Atlantina generates most of the ores used by Oceana and Tsunamae. These five cities built the very ground we stand on today.


I woke up with a jolt, although everything in Oceanis was created to comfort and provide for the needs of it’s occupants, the mass wake up alarm blaring through the speaker implants in my ears was still startling. My bed folded up into the wall as I stepped off onto my deep soft rug, it didn’t come cheap, but it was one of the few luxuries I had managed to hold onto after my parents disappeared three years ago. I took a look into the cracked mirror as I washed my face and brushed my teeth, and then after a quick breakfast I was off to my day job.

Life was a constant struggle for the tens of thousands of people living in this cramped city, cubicle’s were sparse and few, so many were forced to live in the dirty streets, stricken with poverty. After passing various stores I arrived at the factory. George, my coworker walks up to me.

“Hey Tsunady, Y’know my mother’s mirror right?”


“It went missing”

“Sorry man, I haven’t seen it.” I say as I shrug my shoulders.

George walked off, I hated saying stuff like that to him, how I had no idea where his stuff was. I walked my own separate way passing the children’s section of the factory. Although child labor laws in Oceana were few and far between and seldom enforced, children were still kept away from the bigger more dangerous machines, and left to tinker and toy around with the less dangerous and less important machines. Children learned from a very young age that building machines and improving technology would be their life one day and learned how to assemble a sea glider at the ripe old age of seven.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened that day, aside from the fact that one older child, of the age of ten to twelve, mysteriously disappeared after saying he was going to fix a broken binary engine, even though the command tower saw nothing wrong with it. Minutes later there was a power surge in that area and it went dark. After the power came back on he was nowhere to be found.

This puzzled me, no one had disappeared in years, the last time it happened it turned out that the kidnapped child, Lucus, had just run away and was hiding in a kelp field down in the southern area of Oceanis. Upon returning home the child told his parents that he had managed to survive by enlisting the help of less aggressive sea creatures and living in a cave. However, he had returned home when he started hearing strange noises at night, he described them as rustlings, and soft moans in the dark.

This had sent him running home, and no one really mentioned it after that. I wasn’t one of those, watch the sky’s people who thought that there was some sort of monster running around eating people, but there had long been a theory that scientists of the past had released something into the ocean to control the population so that it never got out of hand.

Kidnapping rates had also lowered so much that they were near unheard of, but they still happened. Due to the implanting of trackers infinitesimally small into the hearts, and minds of all children, they were easily traceable and hard to lose, and that’s why scientists never figured out how Lucus had managed to escape the detection of all of the people searching for him.

On my way home I stopped by a dispenser to pick up what would be my dinner, and then it was off to my humble abode, humble meaning a tad bit cramped. After a quick change into lighter and less protective but more flexible clothing, I ate dinner and waited for the artificial sun to set. In the meantime I sat on my bed and cleaned my equipment, a ‘forget me not’ tranquilizer gun, strong enough to safely put a woman scorned into a deep, dreamless sleep. A grappling gun with a silencer, night vision goggles with a heat vision setting, a bag, and a metal detector.

As the fake sun set on the man-made horizon I set out on my night job,

As a thief.


Chapter 1


It wasn’t like I needed any of the things I stole, I had a solid job as well as enough money put away to last me several lifetimes.

But I did it anyway.

More for the thrills than anything else, almost getting caught but then slipping through the hands of the local enforcers, it was what kept me sane. It was an outlet for my energy, all of the tension, all of the expectations. Every night I would let it go and be the person I wanted to be.

I grabbed a pair of wires that were hooked up to a sea glider battery and carefully administered a minor electric shock to the security camera in my room, turning it off for a few seconds. In those short few moments I snatched up the picture of my room lying on the table and taped it up against the camera lens, it was very simple, but effective. I then snuck up to the top floor of my crowded living space and breathed in a whiff of sea air. Looking down I saw the night patrol round the corner of the building, giving me about a minute to rappel down the side of the building and head towards my destination.

I attached my grappling hook to the ledge on the side of the building, and then slid all the way down. With a flick of my wrist I dislodged the hook, wrapped it around my waist and scampered off to my destination.

My target tonight was the house of a wealthy man, the owner of the factory. Since it was private property it had no cameras and I thought that it would be an easy task to go in and relieve him of “useless” items of little consequence to him.

Quietly climbing over the back wall I saw a fountain a pool and an artificial river, as much water as we were surrounded by he still had the nerve to have water features in his yard!


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