I’ve finally figured it out

I’ve finally figured it out


The law of the land

When you’re in a hurry everything will slow you down

But when you don’t want to go, you’re thrown in the fast lane

When you want to have a picnic it rains

But it’s always sunny when you’re sitting inside of a school building

The one day you study, the teacher has a sub and forgets to give the test

But the one day you don’t study, a surprise final pops up.


So I guess I’ll just study every day for no reason

or maybe I’ll just never hurry



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Things that only people living in a first world country would say

“Let them eat cake”

“Alright guys the fridge is too full”

“This food was left out in the rain so it’s no good any more”

“There’s not enough water in that swimming pool” (This actually happened)

“This computer is so horrible, it only lasts for 20 hours”

“God doesn’t exist”(This is not true)

Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite thing that only a person living in a first world country would say.

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